Hampshire Greyhound Rescue



Hampshire Greyhound Rescue was founded in 2006 by a number of greyhound owners in the Andover area.

Hampshire Greyhound Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit, self financing, charitable organisation whose sole aim is to provide a safe haven for those unfortunate greyhounds who slip through the safety net after their racing careers are over.

The Hampshire Greyhound Rescue is most fortunate to have the well known nature presenter Chris Packham as their patron.

If you choose to rehome a greyhound we can guarantee that you will have the most wonderfully gentle, adaptable and affectionate dog, which will reward you with faithful and appreciative companionship, every day of its life.

Remember we are here to support and help all owners whether it be in the early days when your greyhound comes home or in the future.

Hampshire Greyhound Rescue could not work without our helpers, supporters and people who have rehomed greyhounds to spread the message of what wonderful pets these creatures make and we are so very grateful for their help and support.

For the answers to the more usual questions asked check out our FAQ section in our 'Adopting a Greyhound' link.