Hampshire Greyhound Rescue

Message from Chris Packham


I have the two naughtiest dogs in the universe.

They plot and scheme to undermine my sanity at all times, they start wars, spread plagues and ruin major sporting occasions.

Well, okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but when they are jumping up and down on my hung-over head at 5.37 am on a cold, rainy winters morning because THEY want to go out I rather wish they were not doing
these things and leaving me in peace!

The paradox is however that they are the centre of my universe and I  love them both to bits.



What do I get back? 

Companionship, Devotion, these are the sorts of things many dog owners will say, but The Itchy and Scratchy Gang also make me laugh out loud and sometimes when they are running for the sheer enjoyment of running on an empty beach they make me glad to be alive because they are just so alive themselves.

Joy is so often their gift to me and sometimes when it's not found anywhere else.