Greyhound Hampshire Greyhound Rescue

Greyhounds Needing Homes

We currently have SIX greyhounds at the moment in kennels looking for forever homes.

As Henry Ford was likely to say, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with the colour black; 

It is a good colour, it'll go well with any other colour you may be likely to choose"

Each of these greyhounds has a character of it's own. Some will not be suitable for each and every home,

so please do not set your heart on one which may not be right for you.

Finally it is sad to relate but in these times when money is tight there are an ever increasing number of black

greyhounds, and especially boys, who will never find their forever homes and are being put to sleep.

It hurts us dreadfully to think that with the limited resources we have that we cannot help all these poor souls

to spend the rest of their days, happily occupying a warm duvet or sofa - Life as it should be!

Please also check our facebook page for updates and new hounds.




Socks (Mary's Dream)

Born 26/07/2018.


We would like to introduce to you our new girl Socks, who arrived last week.

We don't know very much about her at the moment being such a new arrival, she's still settling in and getting used to her new home with us.

We will update as soon as she starts feeling more settled and her character starts to show!







Turbo (Rewind Turbo)

Born 17/08/2017.



3 year old Turbo was quite lively the last time we were able to take him up to Danebury, but to give him his due it was his first walk up there and seeing all those little furry things running around was more than a little exciting, he will obviously calm down when he realises he no longer has to chase things.

A good natured lad overall, though a touch strong on the lead last time I walked him he will make a lovely pet given the chance!





Hawk (Droopy's Hawk)

Born January 2017


This camera shy lad can when he wants to be become quite a handfull, would need to go to someone with greyhound experience, who'd be willing to give him the time to settle.

Not a bad lad, just needs to learn some manners and be given the time to realise he's no longer a racer.

He'll make a lovely pet given time to settle.



Barney (Liverpool Lad)

Born 15/09/2018


Barney is a big lad, only recently arrived still settling in, seems to be a gentle giant.

Still needs a visit to the vets to get his bits removed, but I think this boy will make a lovely pet, though do have to say I haven't walked him yet so don't know his disposition regarding lead walking, but he does seem eager to please!



Jive (Manic Jive)

Born 2018


Meet Jive, racing name Manic Jive only around 2 years old, is a bit intense on the lead at the moment, will likely settle down when she’s been with us a little while.


Jive is very protective over her food/treats/bones so we believe she would be better suited in a non child household and possibly as an 'only' dog!

Currently on Hold!




John (Bearded John)

Born 2011


We are sad to say due to a change of fortunes for his new owners John is sadly once again back with us and looking for a new home once again.





 Can you change this poor lads fortune and offer

him a new home?





Mikey (Dublin Mikey)

Born October 2016.

Allow me to introduce you to our Irish boy Mikey, he arrived at the same time as our new girl Socks, so likewise we currently know very little about him or his temperament, going by his eyes he's possibly quite 'keen' on small furry creatures, but as I've not had the pleasure of walking him yet that's purely an assumption on my part!


As with Socks once he's more settled he will start to show his true character and we will be able to give a more knowledgeable account on him!

It is with deep sadness and regret we have to announce our beautiful Mikey had to be put to sleep today after it was discovered during an x-ray he had cancer in his head. 

As always veterinary guidance was followed.




Beau (Foolish Blue)

Born - To be Confirmed

This handsome blue boy we believe to be 2 or 3 years old, due to a recurring wrist injury on his trials his owners decided not to put him to racing and retired him into our care instead.



He is a bit of a barker in the kennels but that is purely for attention, a loving lad!




Dixie (Now or Never)

Born March 2019.

Dixie a gorgeous little blue girl coming up to 2 years old this month.

  Sadly due to Covid restrictions not had the pleasure of walking this little girl yet, though I'm told she is nervous of traffic.





 Leo (Nightingale Pete)

Born 31st March 2018

Leo arrived on the 11th November with Pricey, he's a lovely 2 year old white and brindle boy who is recovering from an ankle injury.

Still quite nervous around strangers.


  Don't know what this lad is like on the lead as I've not had the pleasure of walking him yet, will update when he starts to settle and his character starts to show through.




Percy (Dunbolg Aries)

Born 11th September 2018

Meet Percy,

Percy arrived on Friday the 13th (could explain his 'alien' eyes); know little about him at present as he's still settling in.


  Percy's 2 years old and looks remarkably similar to Leo, it's not often we've had two white and brindle's in at the same time.  As with the others, will update as more is known.





Bonno (Brosna King)

Born 2011



Bonno has received glowing reports from the home trials he has had, clean in the house, sleeps through the night, he prefers to have a choice of rooms to sleep in!

Sadly Bonno recently had to have a toe removed, the corns he had on it were giving him lots of pain and despite numerous attempts at treating them they just kept coming back and making his life a misery.


The scar on his head is an old racing injury, which is fully healed.

Have you got room for this lovely lad, because it was a sad day for all involved.




Hugh (Townsend Hugh)

Born August 2016



Meet Hughie,
He is a gorgeous 4year old blue. He walks well and is very interested in his surroundings. He loves a good ear scratch and plenty of treats!




 We don't know what he's like with other animals yet he's only been with us for a week and still settling in.

Hope to get him up Danebury this week to see how he socialises.

He's certainly garnared a lot of interest since he appeared on our facebook site!






Kez and Spider

Born June 2014

Meet Kez (Mary's Boy) and Spider (Spiderman) brothers who have been together since puppyhood, so will need rehoming together!

Kez (the brindle) and Spider (the black) are affectionate lively lads, clean in the kennels and walk reasonbly well on the lead.


Spider is the more dominate of the two.

When they went up to Danebury last week they paid little attention to any other dogs they saw, walked brilliantly given it was their first time up there with all the new sights, scents and sounds.




Pricey (Price Cap)

Born 15th August 2016

Meet Pricey,

She only arrived on the 11th November, still quite nervous around strangers.

Walks well on the lead.


  Pricey has got quite a lot of attention on our facebook page!





Born 2012




Meet Missy, a delightful little 5 year old girl who has only recently joined us.

Sadly she is not cat friendly, and would probably be better suited as an only dog.  Walks well with other dogs, but needs space if stationary!

She does currently pull on her lead, but reversing her direction for a short when she does, does seem to be paying some benefit!

Gorgeous little girl!


Happy to be able to say Missy (now known as Misty) has been rehomed, been a while coming but she so deserves it!



Dower Brae (Brae)

Born 01/01/2015.


This gorgeous brindle boy recently came into our kennels, don’t know much about him at present apart from playful, affectionate and walks well on the lead. Is very bouncy when being leaded up for walks!

Another lad who is still quite 'keen' when he see other dogs running around and another who would not be cat friendly!







Johnny  (Mad about Johnny)

Born 23/09/2014


Johnnie has very sadly for all concerned just been returned after a two week trial as he suffers with seperation anxiety, and his prospective owner worked a rotating shift pattern which didn't allow him to get used to any one routine.

If there's someone at home most the day or work 'fixed' hours it is likely he will be able to settle happily into the routine or perhaps if there's another dog present to keep him company he would be happier being left as since puppyhood he will have been in the company of other greyhounds throughout the day!





Blue (Kemerton)

Born 17/08/2017



Blue who has very recently come into our care is currently a nervous girl, nervous of strangers, other dogs and traffic.

So we are letting her settle in at her own pace.

Gorgeous little girl though!

Now available for adoption as she has now been spayed although still nervous she's gaining in confidence.

We'll have to see how she reacts once our volunteers are allowed to access the kennels again and she gets to meet 'strangers'!




Spice (My Spice)

Born 2014





Meet Spice, she is 5 years old and extremely affectionate, absolutely adores people and wants cuddles and fusses. Is quite 'strong' on the lead at present and still quite 'keen' when she sees other dogs running around; Sadly not one who would be cat friendly!




Tommy  (Sizzler's Gunboat)

Born 01/09/2015



  Tommy is a lovely lad who's not long come into our care, quite a cheeky lad who is still trying to come to terms he has retired and doesn't need to be the hound who's out at the front on walks. Still quite strong on the lead, still learning about other breeds of dog.

Once he's adjusted he'll make a lovely pet.





Pink (Killeacle Pink)

Born 22/06/2015.


This charming little girl recently came into our kennels, don’t know an awful lot about her at present apart from affectionate and walks well on her lead.







Jet (Fizzy Pop Jet)

Born (January 2017)





Meet Fizzy Pop Jet known as Jet to his friends, Jet literally only arrived on Sunday morning so little is currently known about him except he has gorgeous eyes and an affectionate manner!

He pulled on the lead with his first ever walk with us but that was only two hours after his arrival!




Born 2017





Meet Abby, she only came to us on Sunday 10thNovember so don’t know very much about her at the moment. Will update as we learn more.

We learned from her new owner that sadly Abby had to be put to sleep in Febuary due to an aggressive abdominal tumour. Bless her, she was only two years old!




Born 12/08/2017



Emma is a gorgeous little girl, still only just a pup so would suit families with older children.

Suffers with seperation anxiety and unsure of smaller breeds, but would quickly settle.






Born 2015

Meet Jack; Jack is like a big puppy and will need someone who will help work with him.  He will need training and socialising but will make a fantastic companion once settled.

He is a bit unsure with other dogs at the moment, and not 'happy' with cows or horses either sadly.



Jack is very playful when playing with some toys today he ran after them, brought them back and dropped them on command.

    Every day is a new adventure for Jack.





Moll (Local Moll)

Born 02/11/15.

A beautiful girl who has come into our care, very loving but does suffer with seperation anxiety so would suit someone at home all the time.

Has been in a home for a few weekends with a couple of who hoped to adopt her but sadly both work and she just couldn't bear the seperation.


Unfortunately not cat friendly but adores humans!






Born 2016


Charlie who is three and a half years old recently came into our care.

Updates will occur once we know more about him.

Pulls on the lead initially as he still thinks he needs to be the greyhound in front.  Still learning about other breeds and sadly doesn't appear to be cat friendly.




Perry (Star of Paradise)

Born 01/11/13.

Meet Perry, a lovely 5yr old lad who's recently come into our care.

Walks lovely on the lead after an initial bit of pulling, still a bit keen on some small furry things but would do well with some training and some more socialising.





Angel (Oakvale Angel)

Born March 2016

Meet Angel 3(and a bit)yrs old, and looking for a soft bed or sofa.  Very affectionate and friendly girl, does currently pull a bit on the lead but has only just joined us. Don't know much more about her at the moment will update as we know more.




Katie (Kisses for You)

Born 15/03/15

Katie a lovely little girl who has recently rejoined us, walks better on the lead - initiallyl has the greyhound need to be out in front but quickly calms down.  With gentle encouragement should adapt well to retirement.


  Another one who doesn't appear to be cat friendly unfortunately.

According to the family who had her for a trial period, a lovely family dog, got on well with other dogs after initial introductions.





Medi (Ask the Medic)

Born 01/08/14.

Medi has been with us for a few weeks now, has settled well.



A lovely girl, suffers from a bit of separation anxiety we believe, loves attention but not too keen on cats. Has a lovely pair of ‘good girl’ ears!





Born 2013

Artie is a lovely natured 5yr old lad who walks well on the lead and seems to have a gentle nature.

With careful introductions should behave well with other dogs though of course will need careful monitoring.

Not cat friendly unfortunately.


Loves fuss and attention and would respond well to training even if at times he likes to hide his ears!





Born June 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Valarie!


Valarie came into our kennels recently, she will be 5yrs old in June, she only stopped racing in Febuary this year so will need further socialisation and some training to bring out her best.

A very loving girl who has a lot to offer.  Sadly not cat friendly!






Born 2012




Rocky is a 6yr old lad who loves attention.  Although still a bit strong on the lead and needing some socialisation he will make someone who's willing to put the time and effort in, a lovely companion.

Not cat friendly unfortunately.




Born 2013


Meet Billy, he has recently come into our care but is extremely nervous of everything.

At the moment we are building up his trust and confidence but this will take time and we will keep you updated on Barry's progress!

When he came to us two weeks ago he would turn his back to people he wouldn’t interact with anyone or any other hounds.he appeared shut down. Which was heart breaking



All we wanted was to scoop him up and cuddle him which of course we didn’t push him to much.

Two weeks on. With a bit of work he is now looking forward to going out he is taking treats from a few of us. Not turning his back to us now.
He also coming up to greet us with his kennel mate.
Small steps but we feel little things are huge steps for this boy.

Going in the right direction. Keep up the good work Billy you lovely Lad.






Born 2013



Rodney is definitely enjoying the sunshine today. We feel Rodney will make a fab pet, he enjoyed playing with some toys and being cuddled loads, this cheeky boy is looking for a home.

Sadly Rodney is not cat friendly.




Rodney would thrive with some training and will also need some socialisation with smaller animals as he cant quite make up his mind what they are yet!




Ace (Antiqua Ace)

Born 01/09/ 2016.


Ace has recently come into our care after injuring a hock whilst racing (now fully healed). Just over 2 years of age and a real love monster.






Happy Gotcha Day Ace








Georgie (Swift Atlanta)

Born 2015

Georgie is very 'puppy like', loves nibbling.

She can be excitable but because she is still young but she is eager to learn!

Will need to be socialised would we believe do well with some training.








Boorn 2015

Trixie is somewhat lively, she could certainly do with leaving here as she winds the other hounds up with her bouncy behaviour!

She will need a firm hand and will certainly benefit from training and more socialization with smaller animals.

Loves attention.







Ivan is a gentle giant, although an excitable bundle of fun when he's being prepared for a walk he quickly quietens down while walking. Sadly he isnt cat friendly, and at the moment still trying to work out what the smaller dogs actually are.






Katie likes to do her own thing, may be better suited as an only dog.

She has only just come into our kennels so we will need a while to assess her.


She loves having a fuss and attention though!




Toastie (aka Billy)

Born 2011







Billy a lovely little 6 year old has arrived into our care. He is a quiet, subdued little lad, nervous of anything new, be that people, surroundings or routine.  Though that is likely to change once he adjust to his new circumstances.

With time and patience he will make an excellent companion.

He will adapt well, but not too much all in one go will work best, we think he would be best suited for a quieter household.

But the work put into winning this lad's trust and confidence (and it will need to be won) will be returned with boundless love for an entire lifetime.

He prefers to eat on his bed, if you forget he will attempt to carry it there!





Born 2013

Meet Kai, a spirited little 4yr old girl who has recently, come into our care.  She's still a little nervous, and likes to tell those hounds who come too near who's in charge!






Bob is a small lad who walks well on the lead, he will need some socialisation though.


Bob will need to be lead walked as he has a couple of bone chips in his paw from an old racing injury that can cause lameness if allowed to run. The vet's advice was to leave them as too close to nerve bundles to effect a safe removal, and it doesnt effect him other than when running.






Born 2012



Rooney is a recent addition with us, a gorgeous boy walks well on the lead.

So good in fact, that dependant on a landlords reply he may all ready be looking at a home!




Born 2013




Meet Dave, 4 years old.

A big lad but a true gentle giant. Walks well on the lead, has got on well with all the other dogs he's met, loves having a fuss made.




Charlie (Beauchamp Charlie)

Born 2011


Charlie has been returned to us through no real fault of his own so will be looking for his final home to enjoy his retirement. He's a young lad that's full of fun, had been living in his home for almost 2 years

Likes his food, very playful, so possibly suited to someone who either already has a dog (preferably a larger dog) so he can play, which he loves to do; or a sofa and garden of his own.

So do you have a large breed dog that would like a companion to play with, or do you have a garden and a comfy sofa where Charlie can have a good run round and then put his paws up on the sofa and do what Greyhounds do best - snooze!

Charlie sadly isn't cat friendly

So if you have a cat free (and probably fowl free) home and are looking to rehome, Charlie may be just the boy for you.  Oh, he does appear to possibly be a bit of a ladies man too!





Born 2013




A gorgeous 3 year old fawn boy looking for his home, a really affectionate lad.

Took him up to Danebury on Sunday, where he behaved well with the other dogs he saw, even if hes not quite sure what they are yet!

On the kennel walk he walks with a slack lead.



Born 2012






Max only recently came to us for rehoming, an easy going blue boy who is easy to walk and prefers to meet otherdogs from behind his walkers legs until he’s sure they’re safe to greet!

He did recently spend 24hrs on a home trial, but unfortunately the resident dog decided he was too unsure about this new ‘interloper’ so he sadly came back to us.






Born 2013


Molly was retired the night she came out the trap and happened to glance right, saw all the people stopped and went

'Oh, have you all come to see me? Would anyone care to give a head rub, I like head rubs'!

She may not be cat/small furry friendly, she was fixated on some guinea pigs at a home check she recently came on!

As she has ony recently retired she does still pull on the lead while on a walk, but this will improve intime and with some training.

She is a gorgeous girl with a lot of love to give!

She does need further socialization with other breeds as she seems to fixate if they encroach her 'personal' space, which is a shame as the meeting started well.





Born 2012

Winnie has come back to us after 2 years in a home after her owners circumstances changed and they felt they were no longer able to give her the life she deserves.


Winnie has never raced, is a pleasure to walk with a well adjusted attitude!







Born 2012



This gorgeous girl is full of character and will make you smile.

She loves her walks and takes a great interest in all that’s going


Was loving the ‘me’ time she had this afternoon and lapping up

 the fuss.

She will make someone a lovely companion.





Blue (Blu Boy)

Born 2012


This loving affectionate boy is well past his belonging in a loving home.





Gets on well with small dogs once introduced and spent one week living with a very small 'Yorkie' and was happy to share the bed with him.

Because he is a big lad we would suggest no children under 5 years of age.





Mandy (Mandeville Ace)

Born 2011

Meet Mandy, she is 5 years old and new to Hampshire Greyhound Rescue.


Mandy is extremely excitable, very playful and loves a good fuss, she is timid and nervous at the moment as she is still settling in and just getting use to her new routine, we feel that given a bit of time she will come out of her shell.

Mandy is quite lively on the lead at the moment, just a matter of youthful exhuberance and wonder of the wide open world though and she will get to quieten down.



This little lady insists on being in front (though training is ongoing) but once there is happier to walk at a more 'relaxed' pace.



Sophie (Simplifier)

Born 2012


Sophie arrived as a nervous little girl, but is coming out of her shell now.

She is quite strong on the lead at the moment but that will improve as she learns she doesn't need to be out front.

She has been to Danebury a couple of times, where she has been 'interested' in the faster moving animals and unsure of what the 'other things' were, but until recently the only other dogs she'd seen had been Greyhounds!

Gives the impression, given time she will be as laid back as her brother Blue.




Max (Melody Midnight)

Born Noember 2010


Max our gentle giant has for some reason been overlooked!

This handsome 5 year old boy is missing three toes on one of his back paws but isnt hampered by their loss.



He has a great character about him and loves his walk, though he does prefer walking on grass at the moment due to his corns. 

But they are responding to treatment.

He has a great temperament and loves an easy life.



Mikey (Balleyneeky Mike)

Born 2013



Mickey (or Trevor as I keep wanting to call him for some reason) looks as he is; one adorable looking lad, but he does have one or two issues we are currently working on; has been known to leap up and down when spying a bunny, and is known to pull 'a bit' when not out in front!

But he is still young and has only just retired from racing.






Chuckles (Chuckles Boy)

Born 2013


A very handsome, somewhat strong willed character, full of life and wanting attention.

With some 'positive reward' training he'll come round - at the moment he's his own worst enemy!




Frosty (Breezing)

Born November 2012

Meet Frosty


Raced 43 races in his career only to find himself

trotting down the slip road of a busy road junction

just two weeks after retiring and on the very day 

he was ‘rehomed’!

He had his own guardian angel watching over

him that day as two kind Samaritans stopped their vehicles and managed to guide him

to a position of safety and catch him.

  He was handed to the local dog wardens who

kept him for the requisite seven days, during which time nobody made any enquiries

as to a lost greyhound!

  Through negotiations with the interested parties

by the warden it was decided to sign him over and he has now come into our care.

He seems a gentle lad though obviously a little

subdued at the moment.



Frosty has settled comfortably back into a kennel routine and has settled well into life at HGR.

He's bit of a power walker at the moment, still feeling the 'need' to be out in front on his excursions, but with the help of his fellow kennel mates he'll soon learn he's allowed to stop and sniff the flowers or take in the view if he wants.





Kiki (Key Ace)

Born 2011







Handed over to us by her owner when he retired her,

little Kiki is a delightful dark brindle lass.  Walks well on the lead,

seems to have a lovely temperament.

She has already had numerous interests in her and now she has

had chance to settle in with us we’ll have an opportunity to cat test her.

Whatever the outcome I don’t think she’ll be with us for long.





Chips (Piercetown Shop)

Born 2011


Chips is a delightful lad who has only been with us for a couple of weeks and is starting to settle in.

Walks brilliantly on a lead, seems to be little bothered by

other dogs he’s met on his kennel walks, his last trainer

has said he is not cat friendly but we have yet to meet a

cat on the kennel walks so cannot say just yet how bad 

he ‘might’ be as we’ve just wanted him to settle in with us





Still waiting for his paperwork to be signed and then this lad is off home for good!



Suki (Five Star Vixen)

Born 2011



Suki arrived at our kennels the same day as Chips, and is still a little reserved; though she too walks quite well on the lead.

A very affectionate little lady, who also gives the impression she may be somewhat of a cheeky character once she starts to settle in.

Sadly Suki's prospective home hasn't worked out so this lovely lady is back with us looking for her new home!

Does already have an interested hopefull, homecheck to do!

Our lovely Suki has found her home and was delightfully happy when I saw her today!





Born Febuary 2013



Although still timid, Fiona is the more confident of the two sisters. They are just 20 months old.  Both are quite strong on the lead, having only just left the track behind them, but not excessively so. 

They were said to be ‘keen’ with regard to smaller animals, but haven’t showed that so far.


Both these ladies are now rehomed!


 Born Febuary 2013














Amanda being a little more nervous than her sister relies on her quite a lot for reassurance,

Both are fine with traffic, and passed smaller dogs with no real interest.

We would ideally like to place them together if we can.

These little ladies have started to gain confidence as they settle to the new routine with us.




Rodger (Tybar Buster)

Born 2012

Picked up as a stray by the dog warden in the Southampton area,

although chipped and registered all the info’ is out of date and the warden has had no contact. He was signed over to us for rehoming.

He’s a handsome, happy-go lucky boy, loves his toys. He went up to Danebury Hill Fort recently (his first ever visit), got on well with the other dogs he met, takes treats gently from the hand.

  He’s definitely lived in a home before, so how the poor lad became

 a stray with no-one looking for him is a mystery.


He'll need a bit of feeding up but he's eating well now and putting on weight.

He's got an awful lot of love to give this boy has!


YES!  Rodger has now found his happy home

and is loving retirement!






Dolly (Yalla Yalla)

Born 2009.

This is Dolly, our most recent addittion to our kennels looking for a home.

A playful and affectionate little girl I'm told, I've not had the pleasure of walking her myself yet, but those that have say she is a a little strong on the lead at the moment trying to be where she was trained to be - at the front!

But that will ease as she gets used to retirement



She can be a bit exitable at times but just natural exhuberance - she loves life!

She also likes her picture being taken and human contact, she also seems to be a bit of a hoarder, so if anything goes missing, check Dolly's bed!







Sparky (Baliff Sparky)

Born September 2008

Our walkers comment after taking this lad out on his first group walk; delightful never pulled, throughout the walk his lead was slack.

A very affectionate dog, takes an interest with everything on the walk!



Yaaaay you did it Sparky!



  Sparky is a delightful little boy and as you can see, 'butter  wouldn't melt in his mouth'.  Although he has been known to  tell other dogs just what he thinks of them!  Would you be willing to give this lad a warm bed in a loving home?

  Oh, those patches of bare fur on Sparky's neck are because he has been good enough to donate his blood to help any other dog that may need a transfusion!

Poor Sparky had to be taken to the vets after splitting his tail, because they found it difficult to stop the bleeding they decided to amputate.

Sadly Sparky's 'hoped for' home didn't pan out as the resident lady he was supposed to become companion for decided she didn't like that idea much, Clyde seems to be more of her toy boy.

If you can offer this delightful lad a home, he will love you to the moon and back.




Vieri  (Aughacasla Vieri)

Born 2011

Meet Vieri, he has recently joined us as well as mandy and john. Vieri is a big boy who is very affectionate and loves a good fuss and cuddle.

Vieri can be quite lively when he wants to be, enjoying a bit of a bounce as you try to put his collar on, and can be strong on the lead at times, but given he has not long finished racing and is starting to feel at home in our kennels, he thinks he can push the boundaries.

But with patience and positive reward training he is going to make someone who's willing to put some time in on his training, a most amazing companion. You only have to look at those eyes to know!

Through no fault of his own Vieri finds himself available for adoption again, have been told he was very good in the house and is a wonderful dog all round.

This is what his hopeful adopters said about

his time with them:

These were the things we noticed about Vieri;

-amazing with young children, even when a

 one year old was having a tantrum right by him, he didn't even turn his head.

-learns very quickly. After being told off the

sofa twice he never went on it again.

When Vieri arrived he jumped up on the table

for food. Two weeks later we could eat on the

sofa and Vieri wouldn't even beg.

-very clean, went to the loo in the same spots

-great with cats and dogs

-didn't bark

-pulled for first five mins of walk but then slack lead.

 If it was a faster walk the lead was always slack

-just wanted to be with us, sat with us, very 

affectionate, always pleased to see us.

-slept through the night

-fine with traffic

-just a great natured, affectionate and well behaved


And we miss him!







Clyde (Borna Native)

Born 2012



Meet Clyde, he is 3 years of age and is a beautiful blue boy.

New in today unsure of his surroundings but this will improve

with time.

Second week with us and I walked alongside this lad today, slack

 lead all the way. Believe me this lad has a presence about him, 

stands tall, has an obvious intellectabout him;whoever takes him

on will find themselves wrapped around his paw in no time!


Clyde lad you got a lady's interest, if you are polite and respectful she may let you share her kennel space.






Brutus (Ballymac Brutus)

Born 2012

Brutus 2 and a half years old, looking for a home;  think we may struggle due to his features he is a  bit unattractive with his roman nose
How ever looks aside he appears very friendly and likes the human touch


Brutus appears to be a confident easy going lad, he can be somewhat boisterous in play, inquisitive but very friendly.























Bill (Bilko)

Born June 2011

Meet Bill, he has recently arrived and very nervous at the moment. whilst out on a walk today he was strong at first

but soon settled nicely. slightly keen and interested still but this could be as everything is still new to him.

Bill went up to Danebury for the first time recently, and quite taken with it he was too, not at all sure about those furry things called dogs (they looked nothing like Greyhounds), but those smells and that view - he could see for miles!
























Angel (Regrove Angel)

Born January 2012

Angel, just over 3 yrs old, she is quiet, nervous and would be best suited with a female as very timid of men.

With some time and bonding from a man who is willing to help her this could improve.




She is vary unsure she won't come near us at the moment, she is running up to lick our hand then running off again really nervous. I'm sure in few weeks she will trust us and realise that we just want to look after her. She looks to her kennel mate for reassurance at the moment she appears happy little thing but really nervous.

Angel has been adopted today after winning the hearts of her new family.  Thank you Phil and Lyn, Cal you have a pretty new 'sister' to chill with!

Enjoy your retirement lass!



Sunny (Surreal Rambler)

Born 6th January 2010

Meet Sunny, Sunny is a lovely boy who loves a cuddle and a fuss. He's only recently arrived so is still a little shy as he settles in, we will keep you updated with more information soon.



Sunny is a big lad with an awesome neck who makes his presence known just by being there!

He is also a real gentle giant who loves a fuss, the times I've had the pleasure walking him, it has always been with a slack lead.





Ruby (Black Raith Ruby)

Born 2009

Meet Ruby, she is four and a half and is a lovely young lady. Ruby is very playful and slightly strong on the lead, She is very energetic and very affectionate. Ruby only arrived recently so we will keep you more updated but she would love to find her forever home!



A lovely little lady who will make someone a fine companion.

Ruby has a very playful nature, still learning that some of these strange creatures she meets on her walks are also called dogs even if they don't look like Greyhounds!





Gene (Ballymac Gene)

Born July 2011






Meet Gene, she is 4 years old and still fairly shy at the moment as she is having to learn her new kennel regime arriving only recently.

Gene is looking like a delightful little girl, but more time is needed for us to write up a more detailed picture of her character.






Anthony (Hedsor Anthony)

Born Febuary 2010

This is Anthony, brother to Florence and Tabatha both now re-homed.

He is lovely natured, very good with children walks well on the lead.

Anthony hasn't yet been cat tested, and this will be done once he has settled in, he only arrived at our kennels on the 31st May.

I walked him myself partway on Sunday and he was very relaxed walking on the lead, not making any fuss when he walked past other dogs.

Anthony decided to 'cat test' himself on his home-check, when he spotted and very intensely watched a cat slowly walk across his field of view, from his demeaner would have to say Anthony is NOT cat friendly. Gets on quite well with small dogs though!

After a possible re-homing chance sadly fell through, our Anthony finds himself back up for adoption.

So if any of those who were interested in Anthony are still looking, he finds himself 'available' again!





Shaggy (Barra Shaggy)

Born 2007

 This beautiful 8.5 year old blue lad came to us this weekend after living in a home for 6 years after his owners could no longer care for him.

He is a big lad, who is searching for another quilt to call his own as he approaches his middle age, and may well appreciate some canine companions  Is your home big enough for him?




He is a loving hound who gets on well with other dogs, shared his previous home with a Jack Russell; (we don’t know how he is about cats yet), he behaved brilliantly on his Sunday morning pack walk (some pulling on the lead, but manageable), he also made an appearance on our Danebury Hill walk that afternoon where he behaved himself impeccably with the dogs he met.

He is a real heart-warmer this lad, if I  truly had room he would be mine!






Born 2012




Miranda recently came into our care, and although very nervous to begin with has settled well.

Sadly Miranda's prospective new owners have decided that they are not able to give this lovely girl the full amount of commitment that they would have liked, and so she finds herself still looking for a home!

They said she is well behaved, and walked nicely on the lead. 

  During her stay with them she had no 'accidents' during the night time, settled in very well considering this was her first time outside a kennel environment.



Now she is back with us she is back with her old kennel mate Sparky.

A loving girl who will make someone a lovely companion.



Now called Manda and happily settled in her new home with our Ben no less. 

All creature comforts are happily provided for them by Karen and Stuart.






Born March 2011.

Ben is an enthusiastic 3yr old lad who failed to make his mark in racing and is now looking for his 'forever' home.


Strong on the lead and interested in all of what's going on around him, Ben is looking for a home where the time to teach him about 'retirement' is available.

 A wonderful hound who loves human company, who will happily 'chill' for hours on a duvet.

Can you give this wonderful boy the time and commitment he requires to learn his manners, because he is just aching to love you?














  Although an old photo, I think this expresses

Ben's thoughts of his new home well!




Ben is now happily ensconced in his new home and loving every minute of it, he's also got our sweet Manda to keep him company.






Lily (Bombagenic Girl)

Born March 2007.

Lily is an average sized girl who has unfortunately lost part of her tail due to an old injury, she doesn't let that get in the way of her enjoying life though.

A very alert young lady whilst out on walks taking an interest in everything, gets on well with other greyhounds but will need to be socialised with other dogs and smaller animals in a controlled enviroment.

She can be rather 'strong' on the lead at times, but would improve with the right leadership so would probably suit someone with previous greyhound experience.

A lovely lady who has been with us for too long and desires a home of her own.

After the sad demise of her kennel mate Sid, Lily is currently back in her previous foster home learning about the finer things in life.

Thank you John and Terri.


  Would like to add our Lily is no longer in her 'foster' home, Oh no, she has firmly placed her paws under John and Terri's carpet and will be living out her days in her new HOME, with her new 'brothers', the Great BoB and Paddy!

Yes Lil' at last, You've done it.






















Lucas (Hedsor Lucas)

Born 2010



Lucas has come into our care and is now looking for his loving home to retire too.

He is lovely on the lead and thoroughly enjoys his walks, especially when he can join his friends at Danebury on Sundays.




Can you give this loving lad the home he so rightly deserves?


Yes! You did it Lucas








Snipes has now found his loving new home and has fitted right in with his two new Greyhound companions.





Born October 2006

 This is Snipes, who through no fault of his unfortunately has had to come back to us for re homing.

 Having lived in a home for two years Snipes is very much a home dog, house trained, obedient and affectionate.           

 He has benefited from being in a home with experienced greyhound owners and therefore we would suggest that this continues in the future as he will need a firm hand from his new owners who will set the house rules.

 He has lived in a home with two other greyhounds, boy and girl, and is extremely chilled.

Unfortunately Snipes has not lost the chase instinct, however a firm word and he soon realises that it isn’t for chasing.

  In controlled situations he will quite happily mix with other breeds of dogs and their owners.

  We would recommend Snipe’s new home be with a family with elder children with no cats.

  His one failing is a predilection for soft squeaky toys and furry slippers.  





Penny (Kenpo Penny)

Born January 2011

Penny is a nervous girl, when you first meet her, and likes being ‘in the pack’, would be suited as a ‘second dog’ so she has someone to show her the ropes and give her reassurance when she needs it.





Penny has already stolen Linda’s heart and is happily      ensconced in Linda’s home sharing her new home with

Star and Percy.

We only took her over to see how she would get on with them, with the view to Linda re-homing next week, but things went so well we would have felt guilty taking her back to the kennels, so with Linda’s happy agreement Penny started her new life tonight, already loving the company of Star and Percy




Lucy (Make it a Double)

Born September 2011

Lucy is an adorable little girl who is going to break the hearts of a good many hounds!

She is a bit strong on the lead initially but quickly realises she no longer 'needs' to be in front, takes great delight in everything that's going on around her


   Isn't this the most delightful face you seen!

  Imagine waking up and seeing this face every day,

 oh sweet delight! 

 This is Lucy, come and make her (and yours) life very      'special'.

  Lucy will need a firm hand initially as she does want to make her own decisions, but when she realises how much more fun life is when those decisions are left to others, she will thrive!








Born Febuary 2008

Pixie arrived in our kennels today as a 'hand back'.  A delighful little girl who walks lovely on the lead, needs a little bit of house training, but is looking to settle back into home life as quickly as possible.












 Practicing her 'Good Girl' ears to win your hearts over.




Pixie's is happily warming her paws in her new home, living the life of Riley.

She is warm, happy, that smile is always on her face.

Thank you Dennis for giving this little lady

the home she truely loves.





Born 2010


Meet Lilly, she is four years of age and is looking for her forever home! She came to us a few weeks ago now and we are surprised no one has shown an interest yet. Lilly is very affectionate, somewhat keen and quite strong on the lead, due to her 'forceful' nature but give her some positive reward training she should quickly settle into retirement.



 She seems happy to have retired!