Hampshire Greyhound Rescue



Here are some useful links:


Greyhound Rescue Organisations:

Greyhounds In Need  (

Greyhound Lifeline   (

Greyhound Rescue Jersey  (

Greyhound Rescue West of England (

Celia Cross  (

Greyhound Protection UK




Specialist Vets:

Specialist Greyhound Vet

Simon Gower

Hare & Hounds Veterinary Services


Phone: 01793 771869 or 07770 586193


Orthopaedic Vet

Noel Fitzpatrick Orthopedic & Neurological Vet (


For Coats, Collars & Tassles:

Kitsch Collars  (


Special thanks to:

Sandy & Brian, Richard & Lesley, Jane, Lyn, Sandra, Sue & Peter, Kate & Rob, Deidre & Colin, Alan & Felicity, Del & Karen, Jean, Mike, Suzie & Colin (for sorting out these greyhounds)

James & Sarah for always finding space & caring for the waifs and strays

David, Keith, Mutley & Barney and at All Electric Productions. (

Gerry at Obi Media for all her help and patience in getting this website off the ground.  (

Donna at Kitsch Kollars for all her help & support

Agria Pet Insurance for their support. (

Rob Jones at Husse Wessex Pet Food for their affiliation support.


Gary Irwin for the photography

Last but not least Chris for the support & patronage


Not forgetting of course all the special Greyhound wishes to Mark and Lynda Hudson for helping to set up Hampshire Greyhound Rescue who are finding all their 'Forever homes' for them!