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Living with Bugsey.


This is Bugsey, having a cuddle with Louise; she has settled really well seeing she has only been home with

us for about six weeks now, and is loving her time in a home environment. 

This is Bugsey's first ever experience of home life afer retiring from racing in Dec' 2012.

Bugsey had a few issues with house training when she first arrived, as she would not do her 'business' outside, but now just 6 weeks on she has learned that she needs to be doing her business outside, not in!

That is quite remarkable considering 'House rules' had never existed for her before now

Bugsey is a loving and affectionate girl who as you can see loves cuddles. She also loves to be in the company of our Springer Sophie and Woody our other Greyhound.

When we have been out, it is nice to be greeted with lots of love, she does jump up for a cuddle and has been known to knock us onto the sofa; she has also cuddled up on our laps when she wants too.

Can I bullet point some 'buzz' words for Bugsey;

  Genteel 'not'

She is a wonderful addition to our family and we look forward to many more years  of love and affection with 'our Bugs'.









































Sadly Chuffa crossed over the Rainbow Bridge recently; after having developed an aggressive and untreatable cancer which left his owner Steven to make that hardest of all decisions, to say farewell to his friend and end his suffering.

From those of us who have had to make that same decision Steven, we all share the pain. Thank you for doing what was right for Chuffa.

Thank you also for sharing this picture of Chuffa in happier times enjoying his forever home.



Mutley & Barney



Mutley & Barney who we call the bookends. (Just look at the eye patches).

Mutley, ever the true gent, let Barney, a bit of a hooligan, into his very special home last year.

These two handsome greyhound boys have a wonderful home with their owners David & Keith.


We have had sad news from Keith that Barney crossed Rainbow Bridge

early in October after a long illness. 

R.I.P. Barney

Run free with the Angels, and watch over your family for they miss you so.




Buddy & Holly

Buddy & Holly are brother & sister who are a bit out of the ordinary in that they live with five cats and a rabbit!!!

Mike, Suzie & David plus Colin put in a tremendous amount of work but the result is astounding.

Stunning greyhounds whose dad, Solid Magic, walloped our Millie all over the placed, when she raced.

(By the way Colin is a semi-feral cat with attitude & who takes no prisoners).




After their homecheck Felicity & Alan asked us if we could find

them a little female greyhound that was quiet & demure.

Suffice to say that Nikki who was all of this when she first went home!!!!

She then decided after the “Honeymoon “ period to show her

true colours.

Felicity now says we should be prosecuted under the Trades

Description Act.

Needless to say she has won the hearts of all the family.



Topper in his usual relaxed position.

Kingswell Topper.

(6th Jan' 1999 - 23rd Jan' 2012).

 Very much missed by Jean and Alistair and his greyhound housemate Harmony (Glanmore Wonder).

Topper was a lovely boy who spent his life in racing kennels until the end of November 2008 when he was nearly 10.  Then as he was beginning to be troubled by arthritis, a home was being sought for him before winter set in, he was fostered by Jean.  He did find so many things strange and frightening having lived in isolation for so long. He was frightened just by motor cycles parked on the pavement, huge human faces on posters attached to bus stops.  He had to be crossed to the other side of the road to get past them, wheelie bins being in a different place than they usually were.  The list is endless.

However, at home he was very relaxed and happy with Melody - although a bit overwhelmed when she had one of her mad dashes round the lounge.  Unfortunately Melody got a tumour which meant there was really no choice but to give her a peaceful end.  Her place was quickly taken by Harmony - no shortage of greyhounds looking for homes.  He may have been even happier with her as she wasn't quite so boisterous.

Jean and Alistair are pleased to have given him some home comforts for the last few years of his life.


When Tony and Mandy took on Woody from Hampshire Greyhound Rescue, as company for their spaniel Sophie, they had a bit more work than they initially realised; for although he got on well with little Sophie, it was the larger ‘furries’ Woody took exception too.

But with the training they undertook with him, he is beginning to understand they may not all be they menacing creatures he took them to be, in fact some of them appear to be dogs too, even if they don’t look like Greyhounds!

Woody has now learned dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and though some of them may still be a little scary looking, most appear to be quite friendly and though he hasn't quite fully understood what this 'play' thing is they all want to do, he is learning that it does make him feel good, which is a little confusing at times. He's not sure he's supposed too!

He now shares his home with Bugsey too, who is showing him what Greyhound playtime is all about!

Woody 2

Certainly he enjoys his runs up at Danebury Ring with his other Greyhound friends, and they are all happy to indulge in a bit of R&R at the occasional picnic lunch.



Paul & Sue had always had other breeds of dogs and were a bit unsure as to what greyhounds were all about.

Needless to say, we said as easy as it gets, but it wasn’t until Bonny stepped over the threshold did they realise how true our words were.

Absolutely adored by everyone except the fish who were not impressed when she stole their food.

Be warned greyhounds will not let a meal pass them by even if they have just had their dinner!




Melody & Annie

Our hearts go out to Jean who lost two greyhounds within nine

months of each other. In 1998 Jean adopted Ceilidh, who was our Molly's double. In fact, Jean and ourselves could hardly tell the difference. Luckily they had different coloured collars!

Annie went to Jean & Ceilidh (who was not at all keen on boy dogs) in 2002 and the two got on famously. 

Unfortunately Ceilidh developed cancer and had to be put to sleep in 2006.

Jean & Annie missed the company so we found another

female (black) greyhound called Annie who quickly had a

name change to Melody (a reference to Ceilidh's racing name

of Second Tune).

Tragedy struck again and unfortunately Annie No. 1 fell ill and had to be put to sleep, so poor Jean really has had a raw deal.

Melody, who was not ultra keen on men, has thanks to the time & effort put in by Jean & Alistair become less reticent when meeting men. She also adores having a run off lead with her greyhound chums on a Sunday morning.

If you ask Jean, black greyhounds are top dogs because of their lovely gleaming coats.




'Norway' Jack

Siw and Arild from Norway fell in love with Jack when they saw him at a Hampshire Greyhound Rescue meet and greet, and it was the same for Jack, though he had no idea how far his new forever home was from Hampshire.

He was very glad that they packed a Kitsch collars coat for him as well though, for when the snow fell it got a bit deeper than it does in Hampshire. 

While all those lovely Norwegian ladies admired this handsome well dressed stranger who had come to live amongst them, it was nothing to the way their hearts must have fluttered when Spring came and they saw Jack out in the park